Command List

CommandParametersAvailable now?Available in Pre-Release?Description
declare<variable> <value>Set <variable> to <value>
delay<time>waits <time> seconds
goto<label>goes to <label>
guicreate<title>;;[x];;[y]XXcreates a window titled <title> and if [x] and [y] are specified, those will be the screen coordinates of the window
guicreatebutton<text>;;<x>;;<y>XXcreates a button in the GUI at coordinates (<x>,<y>) (these coorinates are relative to the GUI window)
if<val1>=<val2> then <command>if <val1> and <val2> are equal, then <command> is executed
*if<val1>=<val2> then <command>if <val1> and <val2> are NOT equal, then <command> is executed.
input<variable> <prompt>displays an input dialog with the text <prompt> and returns <variable>
input*<variable> <prompt>displays a masked input dialog with the text <prompt> and returns <variable>
kill file<file>deletes the file<file>
kill process<process>ends the process <process>
math<varable>=<val1>:<val2>:<operator>sets <variable> by doing <val1> <operator> <val2> (e.g. 1=5:2:+ would set $1 to 5+2)
msgbox<title>;;<text>displays a message box with the title <title> and text <text>
play sound<filename>plays the sound located at <filename> and does NOT wait for it to finish
play soundW<filename>plays the sound located at <filename> and waits for it to finish
readall<variable> <file>sets <variable> to all the contents of <file>
readln<variable> <file>;;<line>sets <variable> to line <line> of <file>
savedlg/opendlg<variable> <title>;;<initdir>;;<filetype>displays a file save/open dialog, with title <title>, starting in the directory <initdir> displaying the file type <filetype>
writeall<file>;;<text>XSets the contents of <file> to <text>
writeln<file>;;<text>XPuts <text> at the end of <file>
write<text>writes <text> to the output window

Note: <parameter> is required, [parameter] is not

Symbols used to denote special text

 SymbolMeaningBeginning of line?Example
:Label used for 'goto' commandYes:5
#CommentYes#This line is commented out.
!!CommentNomsgbox ACID;;Hello! !!This says hello.

Symbols used to denote parameters and variables

$Used in front of variablesmsgbox ACID;;This is variable 1: $1.
;;Parameter separatormsgbox Title;;Text

Special codes used for symbols

Symbol CodeDescription
@CRLF@CR and @LF (used for line breaks)
@CRCarriage Return (used for line breaks)
@LFLine Feed (used for line breaks)
@TABTab Character

For example programs, see the examples folder on the downloads page.


  • All variable numbers must be two digits (use $01 instead of $1, and declare 01 instead of $1)
  • When declaring a label, put a : before it (e.g. :1). In the goto statement, do not. (e.g. goto 1)
  • Only put one statement per line (except the command of an if statement)
  • To comment out a line, put a # at the beginning of the line.
  • To comment out the end of a line, put a !! before the comment.