System Requirements

To run ACID on your computer, you need...
  • About 500 KB hard drive space
  • To see if your operating system can run ACID, please consult the table below
Windows 7 
Windows Server 2008 
Windows Vista 
Windows Server 2003 
Windows XP 
Windows 2000  
Windows MEXX 
Windows 98XX 
Windows NT 4XX 
Windows 95XX 
WINE (Linux)XX√*Has a few bugs. Do not expect full performance.
WINE (Mac)???Never tested.
Windows NT 3XXX
Windows 3.0/3.1XXX
Windows 2.0/2.1XXX
Windows 1.01XXX
XOS FusionXXXAlthough we wish it did run.
  • About 300 MHz CPU (it's just a simple programming language, it's not like it uses VoIP or 3D graphics)
  • About 128 MB RAM
  • No programs that use the .acid extension (if you choose to register it, it will be over-written)